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December 25, 2018 16:54
Last prepump 😊☝🏼
December 25, 2018 16:54
☝🏼Christmas VIP Members (pre-pump) 78% so far 😇 this Time we take 4,5% fees from the Profits. Gratulation 🍾🎊
December 25, 2018 16:54
Every 2 times a week we announce the pre-pump. VIP members who want to participate send us 0.05-5 btc. For example, 1000 people participated and we collected 1000 btc. We invest this 1000 btc in X coin. After we placed orders, we announce the name of the coin in public group. After pump occurs, a profit between 60% to 150% is made (for example 70%). We just take fee (2%) and send back 1btc + 0.68 btc=1.68 btc to the participants wallets
December 25, 2018 16:54
👐A big welcome to our new members! 43 new VIP members joined our group this week. Prepump is only aviable for VIP users, check ☝🏼 pinned message!

🚀The next Pre-Pump is in 1 hour! It will be posted on the 188.000 subscribers Trading Crypto Coach Channel! For the old members, you already know how this works.😉

Instructions for New Members
👉 You can join with 0.2 - 5 BTC.
👉 You have 90 minutes to send your contributions.
👉 Write to @Amberba if you want to participate & Questions.

💰As usual, you will receive your profit of 60-150% minus our 2-8% fees after the pump.

Don’t worry if I’m unable to respond to you directly. We have more than 3600 members in this group😮

Good luck to everyone! 🎃

Pre-Pumps on Binance | BitMEX | Bittrex Signals

🔥ALL IN ONE 🚀✌️✅
December 25, 2018 14:45
16 Billion Has Been Wiped Out from The Market within Last 24 hrs.

December 25, 2018 12:26
Merry Christmas! 🎄😇

Enjoy some time with your loved ones, take some time off of the screens and eat some delicious food Bitcoin will still be there in the new year!
Love you guys, keep on being awesome. 😊🎁
December 25, 2018 11:45
Crypto % drop from its ATHs.

BTC -80.92%
ETH -93.82%
LTC -88.90%
XRP -92.66%
XLM -89.29%
BNB -79.76%
EOS -91.74%

Stocks % drop from its ATHs.

TWTR -64.83% t
GOPRO -92.20% t
MRSN -79% h
SFET -92.93% fin
KEG -81.59% e
INPX -98.91% t
GASL -83.10% fin
ANY -88.11% t
SNAP -81.58% t
December 25, 2018 11:20
There is a Discount Offer We are Starting Today Till The New Year's Eve Which will Be Called Christmas Offer

This will Be a Big Discount for Our Lifetime Membership Package 80% Discount

Actual Price is 0.12 BTC But With Discount Offer You Can Get in with 0.02 BTC for Lifetime ‼
December 25, 2018 10:46

Cash is a Currency ...!
But Not a Payment Network.

PayPal & Visa are Payment Networks ..!
But Not Currencies.

But BITCOIN is Both a Currency & a Payment Network Simultaneously...😈

BITCOIN Doesn't Need Institutional Investors
Institutional Investors Need BITCOIN

Shout Out to The Satoshi Nakamato
Just a White Paper & Today The World is Following 🚀
December 25, 2018 03:55
The payouts are made now. Congratulations 😊
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