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Thanks to the Telegram support — we’ve claimed the @combot username.
It’s important so don’t forget to change your favorites or else.

The old username will be used only for redirect.
We've made some changes to counters.

1. We've received a lot of feedback about "total active users" counter. Majority has told us that it's pretty much useless.

We have changed the way it works. It's now called "core users". These are your most valuable chat membes - currently we count anyone who has written at least 50 messages during 21 days.

2. Chats are hyperactive. Your chat members may leave your chat for good, or maybe they are not active anymore because of Pokemon Go... Who knows?

It's not the problem anymore.
Discussion rating is now displayed for last 21 days too, therefore you'll see who is really active.

More changes are coming soon, stay thirsty!
We are doing some backend works right now so chat statistics won't be updated for some time.

Everything is alright :)
Now, /stat command will not be highlighted in your chats. Hope this helps to reduce the flood.
Stats pages for new chats now generates in 20 seconds instead of 3 minutes. We'll make a lot of improvements for statistics in upcoming weeks so feel free to send your suggestions to our support chat: https://telegram.me/joinchat/AAsxlj8zm3aTb-TCM-Q1mQ
Due to the huge amount of PM's we've made the special support chat. Feel free to ask your questions and send suggestions about Combot.

We work hard to bring you the new version of Combot and some new modules too.

Unfortunately, the content of the post not supported.
This publication contains attached image.
We've had a database failure. Unfortunately, 3 hours worth of messages (therefore statistics too) are lost. We're really sorry for the inconvenience.
We currently make some improvements. You may encounter some glitches, don't worry.
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