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Yobit Pumping Crazy Community™ 👑 Yobit Pumping community 👑
👑signal @ low level..entry point which has tendency to moon😍 for max profit for all participants 👑 People's pump 👑
Everything we signal for free for all
Beware of scammer
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November 25, 2018 14:45
Dear members,

A lot of people have been wondering when the next pump will be. The pump will be held shortly. We are currently setting up a big campaign following up to next weekend.
More details will follow soon.
Thanks for patience
Yobit Pumping Crazy Community
October 18, 2018 18:13
Pump Analysis

Coin: #ELC

Coin rose to 250% from low level....
Our team members promoted the coin very well
Buy order @ 200% for long time..
Coin dipped to 1365 n rose again to 3000 more than 100% second wave....due to marketing by our team members..
As we promise....we always👉
RE PUMP👈our coins. 💃
❌So never sell in loss..
✅just average it at lowest rate if u are at loss...or sell it on cryptopia for better rate
Else wait for our pump..as we pump highly pumpable coins🤑
👉See you all at the next signal👍
October 18, 2018 17:00
October 18, 2018 17:00
coin to pump is: 💎 ELC 💎

Exchange: YOBIT.net 📊

Target: +300% 📈

Market: ELC/BTC


Buy Buy Buy & Hold Hold Hold
Buy Buy Buy & Hold Hold Hold
Buy Buy Buy & Hold Hold Hold
October 18, 2018 16:55
ℹ️ 5 minutes ℹ️

The next post will be the Coin to buy on Yobit
October 18, 2018 08:00
Exchange: Yobit.net

Time: 5 PM GMT

Read the instructions above and be ready🤑
October 18, 2018 03:34
ℹ Coin signal information ℹ

Date: Thursday,18/10/2018
Hour: 17:00 pm GMT
Exchange: Yobit
Market: BTC
Trading pair:BTC

ℹ Today 5 PM GMT ℹ️

It is important to educate yourselves on how to trade on Yobit on how to buy and sell.

Today at 5 PM GMT exactly I will announce a coin for all of us to buy. 👉Coin will b @ low level 👈💃
Once we have bought we must hold for at least 10 minutes. This will give us enough time to stabilise the price and bring in investors that are not in this group. We can then start selling in pieces to prevent any dips and keep the price holding high and keep people investing into it while we exit. 👉👉Remember ❌donot sell on buy orders...l
✅instead put lower sell orders..so that more buy n buy orders can b created....🤑
❌ Do not sell instantly after lower price..our trolling created second wave..coin pumped again after dipping..so watch out for that n exit safe✅
October 18, 2018 01:34

1) Sign up to Yobit and send your BTC to your wallet today.
ℹ Information for Today's Pump ℹ

1)I will post a signal at exactly 5 PM GMT

This will be for a low market cap coin on Yobit. The reason for this is for a bigger percentage rise for all of you! You will want to have your BTC available in your account to buy well before the signal. Make sure you are at your computer at least 20 minutes before to enable enough time to be prepared, I recommend setting a phone reminder or alarm so you do not miss this.

2)After announcing the coin here, we will all buy in as quickly as possible. It is important to buy fast, before I enticing outside investors to get in on it.

3)Once we have bought in and the price has stabilized, 👉 it is important to HOLD and not dump on our other members. 👈This is when myself and you can help promote the coin to attract outside investment, which will cause the coin to grow more and allow all of us to sell slowly at a good profit.

4)We are going to hold for at least 10 minutes or longer. After that we can sell. 👉But NEVER sell it under the actual price, otherwise it will lead to a dump.👈 🤑🤑Sell it in pieces by setting sell orders not in bulks!...so that buy n buy order can be created..👉❌Never sellh it lower buy orders..else it will lead to panic selling..👈n dump..✅instead create lower sell order just higher than buy order..it will keep running buy orders...n green color will attract everyone💃💃
Make sure you understand the process and how to trade on Yobit.

ℹ️ Our recent results have had huge volume and big rises. Be sure not to miss it. 💃

Here are the instructions for any new members. Today's coin offers an opportunity for all members to invest!

ℹ️ be ready today until the coin to buy is released. ℹ️

ℹ️ Be ready to buy at low level with us ℹ️

ℹ️ Coin Signal information ℹ️

Exchange: Yobit
Date: 18/10/2018 (Thursday)
Time: 5 PM GMT

ℹ️ A very popular trade coin will be chosen for us all to buy at the same time today at 👉low level👈. You won't want to miss this one! ℹ️
October 17, 2018 17:28
Have you been missing out on these huge profits in our previous pumps?
SNPT - 600 % 🤑🤑💃💃💃
INFX - 300% 🤑💃💃
SLING- 268% 🤑🤑💃💃
CL- 906 % 🤑🤑🤑🤑💃💃💃💃
SIG-1263%🤑🤑🤑💃💃💃💃💃 GET-345%🤑🤑🤑💃💃💃
TORQ- 453% 🤑🤑💃💃
HDG-362% 🤑🤑💃💃
PAI-600% 🤑🤑🤑💃💃
LOOM-300% 🤑🤑🤑💃💃
Make sure you are ready for the next one. THIS GROUP SIGNALS CRYPTO COINS 👉 @ LOW LEVEL 👈 Anyone can make money in our pump.. as we provide ample opportunity to everyone to buy @ 24 HR low level 💃Remember we always repump our coin💃
Every signal has its own history🤑🤑
ℹ️ Coin Signal info ℹ️
Exchange : Yobit
Date: 18/10/18
Day: Thursday
Time: 5 PM GMT
October 13, 2018 17:42
Pump Analysis

Coin: #SRN

Coin rose to 170% from low level....
As we promise....we always👉 RE PUMP👈our coins. 💃
❌So never sell in loss..
✅just average it at lowest rate if u are at loss...
Else wait for our pump..as we pump highly pumpable coins🤑
👉See you all at the next signal👍
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