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March 6, 2017 13:32
SEX is the only Sport in the World without Refrees, no spectators as well and is never abandoned due to weather. Players are naked, scores are counted in terms of rounds. There are no winners or loosers. Each team enjoys, celebrates shouts and screams when they are ready to score and often go silent thereafter.

February 25, 2017 20:56
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I wish I was the first person this happened to🔥🔥🔥 @godsoftalent
February 11, 2017 10:48
Ghana boys plss i beg you if all the original shoes in your size are finish pls don't go for fake wai...ahhh ad3n yabr3mu ni mu abibos ni abibas ni aqiqos


February 7, 2017 21:08
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If your girlfriend has this type of nose abeg leave her😂😂,she is a demon in human form😂😂😂
January 6, 2017 21:45
When Musa was in JHS 2, his teacher
always yelled @
him, calling him a waste of product
& failure in life".....
One day, Musa's grandma came
to school to check how her grandson was doing.
The teacher
told her quite frankly that she had never
seen such a dumb
boy all her life before and advised her to
withdraw him from school,
because schooling for Musa would be a total
waste of time &
money. The grandma was
shocked at the teacher's comment.
She withdrew her grandson from the school
& relocated him to Tamale...

25 years later, the teacher was
diagnosed wit a cancer.
All d doctors she met advised her to do
surgery & its only a
certain doctor in the whole of Ghana (practicing In
Tamale) who could perform this procedure.

With no alternative, the
teacher agreed to have the surgery
. .Fortunately, It was successful. When she
woke up some hours after d surgery, she saw a
young doctor
smiling down at her. She was on artificial
respiration from a
machine that provides her oxygen. She wanted to
thank him but could not
speak. She looked side
ways and suddenly
began to express shock & her face started
to turn
pale, she frantically made attempts to raise her
hand &
tell the doctor something but couldn't talk.
She struggled and
fought-hard but couldn't talk, then she
gave up the Ghost &
died. The young doctor was shocked. He tried 2
find out
Eventually, it was found out dat it was
Musa (working as a
cleaner in the hospital) who had disconnected the
teacher's oxygen
machine to connect his phone charger.
Wait ooooo... .. Don't tell me you thought
Musa became the doctor.....
This is not Nollywood..... Ooooo
forget!!!' I said Musa no know book,
January 5, 2017 19:07
This is a real story of a young Ex-University
who passed away last month. Her name is
She was hit by a car at Nugua on her
way to
work at Tema. She was working with
MTN. She
had a boy friend named Enock, a banker
was recently transferred to Accra . Both of
were true lovers. She spent half of the
day and
most night talking with Enock on her
Lilian's family knew about their
Enock was very close to Lilian's family in
spite of
the tribal differences. (just imagine their
Before she passed away at Tema General hospital, she told
friends:"If I pass away, please bury me
with my
cell phone"She also said the same thing
to her
parents. After her death at Tema, the
couldn't carry her body from the mortuary.
A lot
of them tried to do so but couldn't. So
went to call a Priest in church who had
the gift
of communicating with the dead. He
some salt and water on the body and
speaking to himself slowly. After a few
he said:"this girl is missing something".
her friends told them about her intention
to be
buried with her phone. They asked them
bring a coffin, and then they opened it
placed her phone inside the casket. After
they tried to carry the body which could
now be
moved and they carried it away easily.
was shocked. A day later which was Lilian's
birthday, Enock came to their house with
but was so shocked to receive the news.
couldn't believe because he still spoke
with Lilian
the previous day, He then tried calling
phone again in their presence and
behold! It
rang and Lilian picked it and they were
They called the priest to come and
and when he came and prayed for 5
was revealed that MTN IS EVERYWHERE YOU GO.
Chill! Don't insult me yet, because I'm
looking for the idiot that composed
! See how
concentrated u are
.... Oya dont be selfish pass it on while
I go disturb anoda group🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃
January 4, 2017 17:06
This publication contains an image.
December 29, 2016 21:38
*I stopped trusting girls wen my class 3 girlfriend left for another boy just because he bought sharpener with a mirror*.

December 28, 2016 16:35
I hate it when ladies use this sentence... "He used and dumped me". In as much as I know that the matured ones among us has understood the meaning of SEX, I still want to clear some young girls who are still willing to learn.
Stop making a man feel superior and you lesser after sexual intercourse. SEX is a mutual agreement between two individuals, you had fun and he did too, why then making it look like one person is been cheated on ???
SEX doesn't guarantee a man is yours or that leaving you tomorrow is a big deal. For crying out loud, you both fucked each other, you both used each other and you both can as well dump each other if you so wish.
Please, wake up and stop making men feel that their ability to see through a lady's two legs is what makes them a real man and a winner.
Have Fun with him if you want, enjoy yourself and don't ever attach your heart on it.
And to you men that still think like GOAT in this contemporary world, while you are bragging of how many girls you have "used and dumped", think of your fellow guys that are busy making their money and counting their achievements, but you are here counting how many PUSSY'S you have savaged. On behalf of you, I am ashamed of you.
Please Receive SENSE
December 28, 2016 15:31
Sarkodie told us in his "hand to mouth" song that we should invest our money.... We should buy lands and houses... We should not waste our money... Today, he is on twitter telling people to pay Ghc 150 to come dine with him.... Ghc 150 for just a dinner with sarkodie... Why, how much did the disciples pay when Jesus was having the LAST SUPPER.......
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