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October 21, 2018 22:28
Do I know what love is,? Hell no I don’t I was just
Twelve when the two pillars I knew disappeared
Growing up a scared kid,who didn’t know his right and wrong.There is always a first time , look, leap and fall. No wait I prefer to walk in it this feeling is strange. Am dreaming, did hell loose it’s fire ?
Did the devil loose his Vernon or is he teasing me ? Is this real, they say you can’t buy a mother but why are you being so nice to me , why are you saying this to me ,why ?
One way or another this wasn’t meant to be , I am alone, I was meant to be alone. Thanks for trying.

September 28, 2018 02:24
Yes it all came to this, it has ended breaking bad but we can’t change it, you took to north as I to the west. Love can’t be denied it an only be replaced as I gave you my heart ones I demand you let it go. Yes let me know as l let go what happen, what changed. Did I not make you happy , did I not make you smile. Did I not ?
Skies are falling, dark are rainbows, it hurts to know I don’t know what went wrong, damn it hurts to know that’s I played you as you played me. This game called love. When will it end, am waiting tell me when will it end .
September 23, 2018 01:39
Instagram [kiki.comics]
September 21, 2018 06:22
No puedo dejarla ir.
This is painful,my life bleeds the gateway to my eyes pour down. Little drops developing into oceans,I can’t carry this cross,I can’t live through this pain, I just can’t see myself in a happy place
Don’t be surprised if am gone too soon, don’t be surprised when I over dose. I can’t stop this dream, it’s lucid I can’t move a thing I think it’s over. My pride stripped of me , my guilt hunts me. Yet I don’t know what I did wrong, is the devil knocking, is she here ?, the one that sets fire to skies, the one who’s laughter cools the sun. Gold in complexion, sinister in heart, dark in mind, beauty the world can’t define. It’s happening again someone please help me.
“ella sigue lastimándome, pero estoy enamorada de ella”
September 20, 2018 11:24
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July 19, 2018 16:47
July 19, 2018 16:11
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July 19, 2018 13:50
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