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March 18, 2017 13:08
😂😂you dey ahush like your head nodey
Why dem no go spam you
March 2, 2017 18:38
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Tavern house party yorr❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥
February 20, 2017 09:35
This publication contains an image.
Terry Bonchaka yorr!!!!!
February 6, 2017 14:31
You make we get bunch of our members those times though 😊🔥😹
February 6, 2017 13:58
You kraa pc🤔💯
February 6, 2017 13:57
But edo ah make ano some😹😹🤘🏾
February 6, 2017 13:54
No need to come again or 😂🤘🏾
February 6, 2017 13:54
You just gave us the gist if everything 😹😹
February 6, 2017 13:54
Ah boansi 🤔😹😹😹
January 10, 2017 11:38
Tuscany 🐣💕, [08.01.17 00:01]
Why did you waste your time talking to those fools ?😂
Thank you but
It wasn't needed
All they do is run their mouths and stalk people
Then they make people's business their business
Like ,someone would literally be somewhere thinking about theirself in their own world
And they would have time to gossip about the person
On top too they are not ashamed 😂
Ask them why they made themselves anonymous
Go and tell them to read what the bible says about gossips
Gossips will burn in the pit of fire in hell
Fools... all they know is talk about people like they don't have head
They think its guy too... I pity them

Tuscany 🐣💕, [08.01.17 00:01]
It is Tuscany though
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