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January 5, 2017 16:50
Like this is shit!?
How does someone's reshing kill her?
And besides,she died from a missed shot of fireworks.
Fools,you won't think of how to live your life well so you don't die from the same thing,you are rather here talking about a dead person?
Like fuck,she's gone!
Just thank God you are alive. Thank God it wasn't you
Kwasia boys
You always wanna act funny?
You think you are funny?
You think you are the only fools on earth?
Your always want people to talk about you
Then edo what?
Fools wise up
January 5, 2017 15:40
In life
We don't joke with such things
January 5, 2017 15:40
This thing you're saying there's no sense in it
Someone is dead and you're turning this whole thing into a joke
Like tf?
Are you serious at all ?😑
January 5, 2017 15:36
Them Nsemfo menez or whatever
Them nor get brain or them sega game ?
Fools how some bro die you go dey there dey talk say sakeof she dey resh

Brothers wise up there is time for everything
January 5, 2017 15:14
Themma fooling no dey be🌚
January 5, 2017 15:14
January 5, 2017 15:14
Them boys dey over fool
January 5, 2017 15:03
Nsemfon like Charley wedey beg the girl die make she rest
January 3, 2017 06:29
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