October 22, 2016 16:50
🤖 #BotOfTheWeek:
This week's winner is: @akina_bot
Think of a real or fictional character and answer a few yes/no questions and this bot will almost always guess who you are thinking of.

🎮 #GameOfTheWeek:
This week's winner is: @gamee
Gamee was one of the two first game bots on Telegram and has still the most games.
You can play all these games alone, with a friend or in our own group, the Playground.
This category is new, so there was no poll to establish this winner, but you can vote for the next winner.

📣 #ChannelOfTheWeek:
This week's winner is: @AstrobinImageOfTheDay
This channel posts one astronomical picture every day with a description.

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