January 3, 2017 20:40
Hello Friends!

My favourite post of the year (and the most impressive one) is this one, the summary of last year's new features. Telegram introduced a lot of great new features.

I tried to keep this list as short as possible, and still, it's longer than the list with the new features of 2015 was one year ago (click above).

New features included:

- Inline Bots
- Voice Messages 2.0 (raise-to-speak etc.)
- Secret Chats 3.0 (Stickers, Inline Bots, GIFs etc.)
- Better Photo Editor on Android
- Channels 2.0 (Links to Posts, Silent Messages etc.)
- Supergroups 5000 (Public Groups, Pinned Messages, Admin Tools)
- New Design on Android
- New Video Player on Desktop, iOS and Android
- Bot Platform 2.0 (inline keyboard, updates, inline mode)
- Instant Camera
- 3D Touch on iOS
- Edit Messages, New Mentions, Interface Improvements
- Drafts, Picture-in-Picture
- Trending Stickers, Personal Storage, Group Preview
- Masks and Homemade GIFs
- Gaming Platform 1.0
- Instant View, Telegraph, Groups in Common
- Pinned Chats and IFTTT Integrations
- Telegraph API
- Lots of improvements for the Android version in various updates.

Telegram also reached 15 billion messages delivered daily and 100 million monthly active users in February - that's almost one year ago, maybe we get new numbers soon 😉

All the best for 2017!
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