January 12, 2017 07:46
Report claiming that russian spies can 'crack' Telegram

A 35-page leaked report on President-elect Donald Trump makes a series of explosive claims, including that the Russian government can blackmail Trump with a tape of him watching a group of prostitutes performing a “golden shower” on the bed of a fancy Moscow hotel.

The report also alleges that Russian intelligence service FSB “cracked” Telegram.

Durov challenged the veracity of the report:
“I personally think the report is fake, but if it is not, it probably refers to the story on SMS interception by FSB in April 2016.”

Without Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) government agencies could intercept the authentication SMS by Telegram, impersonate you and log into your Telegram account.
It's really easy to set up 2FA, you should do it if you haven't already.

Read more on motherboard.vice.com and the official response by Telegram.
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