April 1, 2017 14:07
NSA confirmed:
Since WhatsApp is encrypted, much more nude pictures are sent!

Since a few months, WhatsApp finally encrypts the messages of its users. And the users seem to have confidence in the new technology, as the NSA confirms: According to data from the US secret service, WhatsApp users from all over the world are now increasingly sending private nude pictures.

"Whatsapp users now have much less inhibitions to send explicit photos and movies since they know their messages, images, videos and voice messages are automatically encrypted", said NSA Director Michael S. Rogers.

Overall, the number of sent naked pictures and videos has risen by 230 percent since WhatsApp implemented encryption.

Before the introduction of the end-to-end encryption usually only very naive users would have sent such files. "Now, however, even very caucious users send nude pictures", explains Rogers. "This is also likely to make our internal Friday challenge a little fun."

For the NSA it has been tradition for years to collect the most interesting pictures on a pinboard and always choose the most sexiest, witty and ugly WhatsApp users of the week on Fridays.
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