February 4, 2017 19:26

You'll never truly get over her.
You'll miss her from time to time.
You'll always have the memories.
But don't give into her again,Ever.
Because,If she hurt you once, she will do it again.
Trust me, I have been there.
She'll will want you back the second she realizes what she had.
The feelings will come back, I know that.
But do you remember those sleepless night with your heart aching?
Do you remember all your friends she fucked and gave head to?
Don't just remember the good times.
She hasn't changed, and she won't.
Don't imagine her as your perfect girl.
Your perfect girl is out there.
"Keep looking"
There was a reason things ended with her.


🆔 @Retiredfuckboy
🆔 @Retiredfuckboy 🆔 @Ataraxia
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