March 9, 2017 02:59
Just one true friend for the sake of Allah will suffice the one who truly relies upon Allah. Have you found that friend yet?
The one in whose presence your heart enjoys the warmth of their righteousness? The one in whose face you see the light of honour and dignity? The one in whose smile you recognise the grace and mercy of a Believer? The one in whose heart you find a home of comfort and love?

Just one friend who holds these qualities, that one friend can not be compared to even a thousand. For she is that one friend in whose company you sense the wisdom of a generation of elders. Those who speak with thought and experience, and only wish to offer you the best of their services.

She is your best well wisher. Your sincerest carer. She listens to you, time and time again. She helps you when you're down. She boosts your spirits when they are low. She gives you when she hasn't got much to offer. But not in terms of materialistic things, rather in terms of good words - words which bring contentment to the soul. After Allah, she is your next best friend. And what makes her so special is that you know she's Allah's friend too.

That one friend will show you not only the stars but will enlighten your path and walk you towards the moon. She will walk in her humility and grace and from such a simple act you will heed hundreds of lessons. Take the friend who teaches you without realising, allow her to be your teacher, your sister and your soul mate. Let your eyes be cooled in her presence for truly she is capable of doing so. And let your heart be at peace, let it sit in tranquility, dwelling in her serenity. This friend of yours, hold her close to your heart and tell her how very close you hold her to you. Declare your love for her in the most beautiful manner. Because Nabi ﷺ said: If you love your brother then tell him. (To the nearest meaning.)

Oh Allah make these precious friends of ours- neighbours of Yours in Al Firdaus. آمين. 💜

#gemsofjannah #allah #kalaamulqalb

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